Horseshoe Academy


A game about being horses in their first years at Awesome World's most prestigious school for horses, Horseshoe Academy. Ever since you were a foal you've dreamed of Horseshoe Academy. A magical school for horses, full of mysterious books, exciting sports, and hopefully your new best friends! You finally get your chance to go there! The biggest challenge at Horseshoe Academy won't be studying for arcane exams or defending your herd from monsters. It will be making sure everyone's included. Will you resist the drama and gallop into friendships that will last a lifetime? Excellent Equine Roleplaying featuring high School, homework, & horses. Play as a mustang, unicorn, pegasus, kelpie, or miniature horse! This book contains everything you need to play except polyhedral dice and friends. Compatible with The Excellents Princess Roleplaying Game. Includes two playable example episode adventures and five fantastic horses for you to play or learn how to make your own! Polymorph is the award-winning single-die, fast action roleplaying system.