Because Disney doesn’t care about TCG players.

Well, that statement is not entirely true… 

(And we’re not saying that you shouldn’t play Lorcana. It’s super fun!)

Disney does care about TCG players because they want them to have an amazing experience playing Lorcana, which in-turn, leads to Disney making more money.

But let’s get into how Disney is taking advantage of eager TCG players and how that affects you.

Limited Release: 

It all has to do with their marketing strategy. Disney is obviously a master of marketing at this point which is why they are testing the TCG market with a limited release. But why are they teasing fans and driving up the prices with this strategy?

  1. Generate buzz: Limited releases often create a sense of exclusivity and urgency among consumers. By restricting the initial availability, Disney and Ravensburger are able to get people talking about Lorcana and heighten demand for the cards. 
  2. Controlling the entry into a competitive market: The TCG market is highly competitive, with established players like Magic: The Gathering and Pokémon. A limited release allows Disney Lorcana to enter the market more strategically, making adjustments based on the competitive landscape.
  3. Building a Collector's Market: Limited releases can create a collector's market where the rarity of early editions can add value. For a brand like Disney, which has a strong collector community, this approach can create an additional layer of value for the product.

How does this affect you?

With scarcity comes opportunity - at least, that's what the secondary market seemed to think. Prices for Lorcana cards are sky-high thanks to resellers. Head over to any secondary market and you’ll see what we're talking about.

You’ll be paying a premium on the majority of the most sought after Lorcana singles.

And if you're looking for a Lorcana booster box “BUYER BEWARE” because you’ll be paying on average an extra $100… That is, if you can even find one. But even then be careful. There are a lot of people out there selling knock-offs and fakes.

This leads to the dilemma of what TCG players should do. Pay a premium now or wait?

Will Lorcana Card Values Crash?

The short answer is, yes.

Will it happen in the near future?

Maybe… It really depends on ‘consumer weariness’ as high prices can only last so long before consumers start resisting. As the initial hype dies down, so does the willingness to pay exorbitant amounts.

However, as with most things, what goes up must come down. The Lorcana market is no exception, and we may already be in the midst of a potential crash in prices.

Ravensburger’s announcement of reprints for "The First Chapter" and "Rise of the Floodborn" sets aims to make the game more accessible. This increased supply is likely to bring down prices. *fingers crossed*

Disney Lorcana: Rise of the Floodborn released at local game stores on November 17th, and will be followed by a mass market release on December 1st. 

Where to Buy Lorcana?

At this point, you probably already know what we’re going to say next.

Yep… finding Lorcana booster boxes and packs isn’t going to be easy. These things are selling like hotcakes, but here are your best options.

Local Game Stores

Local game stores (LGS) are your first port of call. They often get stock before mass retailers and can be a goldmine for finding these cards. Plus, supporting local businesses is always a bonus! Unfortunately, allocations of Lorcana to local game stores have been… Let’s just say… LOW :( *Stop being so stingy Disney*

Big Box Retailers and Online Options

Following the LGS release, big box retailers like Target and Walmart, as well as online platforms like Amazon, will stock Lorcana cards. It's worth noting that during the initial release phase, these retailers might face the same scarcity issues. So, patience is key.

Online Storefronts

For those who prefer online shopping, sites offer Lorcana products. However, be wary of inflated prices, especially in the secondary market.

Should you buy Chapter 2: Rise of The Floodborn cards?

Yes! If you can get your hands on them, absolutely. Would we recommend taking out a loan to pick up a $500 Elsa - Spirit of Winter single, NO. 

But if you can find them at a decent price, do it. Lorcana is quite fun to play!

Rise of The Floodborn New Gameplay Mechanics


Each card with this keyword can shrug off damage, based on the number next to it. For example, "Resist +1" means that character just laughs off one damage every time they’re challenged. 

This mechanic not only enhances the durability of characters but also encourages players to devise new strategies around damage mitigation. 

Fresh Faces

"Rise of the Floodborn" has unveiled a plethora of alternate universe versions of cherished Disney characters. The expansion welcomes a lineup of timeless Disney figures: Snow White, Pinocchio, the ensemble from Zootopia, among others. Each addition infuses the game with distinct characteristics and fresh perspectives.

Strategic Additions

  • Fang Crossbow: A Sapphire item that’s a dream for debuff lovers. It can nerf opponents’ strength and even banish those pesky dragon characters.
  • Last Stand: An Amber action card that's like playing chess with extra steps. Banish a character challenged in the same turn - perfect for flipping the script on your opponent’s strategies.
  • Merlin – Rabbit and Madam Mim – Fox: A dynamic Amethyst duo that's all about that card draw game. Play them right, and you're cycling through your deck like there's no tomorrow.

Patience Pays Off

If you’re waiting to get your hands on Lorcana cards, our advice is “patience.” 

The reprints are on the horizon, and with them, hopefully, more reasonable prices and better availability. While it's tempting to pay premium prices for a few packs now, the market for Lorcana can only sustain these prices as long as people are willing to pay them.

As soon as we get more Lorcana in stock we will let you know through our socials and email newsletter. 

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