Astral Sea Liquid Core Dice Set


A place far beyond the reach of mortal hands where time and space become one.

The Astral Sea Liquid Core DnD Dice Set is a dark gray-blue sharp edge dice set featuring a liquid core that flows and shimmers when shaken. The core shimmers with hints of blues and purples.

Each set contains the standard 7 roleplaying dice - d4, d6, d8 d10, d10 in 10's, d12, and the classic d20. Ideal for RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons or Pathfinder.

Please remember that the dice are handmade and may not be perfect. Perfectly centering the core can be a challenge, but they remain beautiful regardless.

- Resin dice set for dungeons and dragons or roleplaying games
- Dark transparent gray with a hint of blue and a liquid core
- Sharp edge
- Slightly larger than average
- Ships from the USA
- Free returns if you're unsatisfied