Celestial Hues - Radiant Alloy Acrylic Dice Set


Embark on a cosmic journey with the Celestial Hues Dice Set! This mesmerizing collection features seven polyhedral dice, each adorned with an ethereal blend of iridescent colors, ranging from deep purples and blues to shimmering golds. The metallic finish captures the essence of a star-studded night sky, making every roll a stellar event.

Perfect for all tabletop RPG enthusiasts, the Celestial Hues Dice Set not only enhances your game with its otherworldly beauty but also ensures precision and balance in every roll. Whether you're exploring distant galaxies, casting powerful spells, or delving into mystical realms, these dice are your ultimate companions. Elevate your gaming experience to astronomical heights with the Celestial Hues Dice Set!

These dice are made with lightweight plastic and have a metallic appearance, but are not metal.