Moonlight Garden Dice Set


In the heart of the enchanted forest, under the glow of a silvery moon, lies the mystical Moonlight Garden. A hidden sanctuary where the rarest blue flowers bloom, bees dance in the moon's soft luminescence, and butterflies flutter in a never-ending twilight. This sacred grove is whispered to be the playground of the goddess Lunara, who weaves the fabric of fate under the starlit sky. The Moonlight Garden DnD Dice Set is said to be imbued with the essence of this magical place, offering guidance and fortune to those bold enough to roll them. Each die holds the power of the moonlit realm, granting insight and protection to adventurers as they embark on their epic quests. With these dice in hand, the spirits of the Moonlight Garden watch over your journey, guiding your path with the gentle whisper of the night's breeze.


  • Sharp edged RPG dice with white backdrop and blue flowers, bees, and butterflies
  • The numbers are done in blue save that the highest number of each die is silver
  • Each order contains the 7 standard RPG dice: D4, D6, D8, D10, D10 in 10s, D12, and D20
  • Made from resin