Dabba Walla


The famous Dabba Walla invite everyone to join them on their daily journey through Mumbai

Dive into the vibrant streets of Mumbai and step into the role of a Dabba Walla. In this fascinating game, you join the famous Indian lunchbox carriers on their daily journey through the megacity, bringing home-cooked food from kitchens directly to the offices of hungry employees. Your mission is to deliver the colorful and tastefully filled dabbas – the traditional Indian lunchboxes – on time and reliably. This calls for strategic planning and quick action!

Start your day by picking up the dabbas, sort them at central points, and navigate through the city’s hustle to deliver them on time. Each delivered dabba earns you valuable tips, but the path there is challenging and requires clever resource management and a keen eye for efficient routes through Mumbai’s ever-changing environment.

With lovingly designed game materials that were sustainably produced in Europe and contain less than 1% plastic, this game offers not just exciting entertainment but also a piece of Indian culture and history. Whether alone or with friends and family – this game promises lots of fun, excitement, and the occasional strategic challenge. Are you ready to follow in the footsteps of a Dabba Walla and become part of this unique tradition?

Ages 8+
2-4 players
30-45 minutes play time