Way Too Many Cats!


Cats have a higher chance of getting adopted the happier they are, but most are very particular!

Easy to Learn
On your turn, you simply choose to take either the small group of tokens and two cats of your choice, the medium group of tokens and one cat of your choice or the largest group of tokens and the last cat. Turns are fast and impactful but could cause you to take on a load of kittens, that can give you a lot of negative points at the end of the game.

Unique Cats
Each cat type likes the same things, but each cat also has particular interests. Try to balance what each cat wants while also making sure to get cat toys and sets of kittens!

Unlimited Tokens
If players keep taking the two smallest piles of tokens, the large pile can grow to be very, very tempting! But can you place the kittens in enough sets to outweigh their negative points?

Ages 10+
1-6 players
45-60 minute play time