By Asmodee



Play as a screenwriter in B-Movies and try to pitch your movies to other players who play as producers. With your cards in hand, you must tell a story and find a catchy title for your future production. The other players then secretly vote for or against making the film. If your movie is produced, you earn popcorn points and the player-pro-ducers earn points if they were part of the majority (For or Against). As a producer, if you are convinced that this movie will be a hit, don’t hesitate to play your only «Yes! Yes!» card to earn even more points! Please note that this card can only be used once.

3-6 players
Ages 14+
30 minute play time

96 Popcorn Tokens
86 Title Cards
20 Scarecrow Expansion Title Cards
18 Voting Cards (6 sets of 3)
12 Studio Cards
5 Clap Tokens
1 Rule Book