D&D: Blue Dragon Phunny Plush


This product is the result of a superpowered team-up between WizKids, experts in D&D collectibles, and Kidrobot, premier creators of huggable plush.

Do you feel that electricity in the air? That means you've found the Blue Dragon Phunny plush based on the iconic lightning-breathing chromatic dragon from Dungeons & Dragons. Though usually Blue Dragons like dry arid climates, you might find them coming to your area to try to swipe some shiny objects, especially if they're blue (it matches those beautiful scales, after all)! If you notice something go missing, just be careful if you try to get it back; Blue Dragons are known to set sinkhole traps to catch anyone who tries to snatch a piece of their hoard. This friend looks pretty innocent though, right? I mean look at that smile and those big frilly ears-nothing to be scared of here! This plush sits at 7.5 inches tall and is made with the softest premium materials and love.