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May 2024

April's set teases a new themed sticker pack that our artist Bobbi is working on around the dragons in DnD. We wanted a dice set that jived well with the Amethyst Dragon sticker and landed on this beautiful glittery purple set. The mini was harder to tie into this set, especially as our partner, Jake, who designs and prints our minis, had a baby this last month! Knowing he would be VERY busy, we worked with him several weeks back to get this barbarian mini printed, and while it doesn't fit the theme as well, is still a great mini for any collection.

April 2024

March originally started out as an infernal themed set. Bobbi, our sticker designer, whipped up this amazing demonic natural 1 sticker. We threw in the cracked black and red dice and Jake supplied us with the giant rat for a perfectly hellish theme. But, the combo of the angel D20 and the demon D20 was too good to pass up, so we threw that sticker in as a bonus. It might have ruined the overall theme, but aren't the stickers just so perfect together?

March 2024

Whoops - we only started this page recently and it doesn't go back that far... But we've been running the Dice Club for a long time now! Check out the reviews here to see photos from past Dice Club kits and see how much people love it!

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