Welcome to the Northern Expanse, a place where nature is still unexplored, mystical and dangerous. When the humans first arrived, they thought they found an unspoiled paradise, filled with bountiful forests, lakes swimming with fish and cold freshwater flowing from the mountains. But as their settlements expanded and the surrounding forests grew thinner, nature itself pushed back. Great creatures known as Beasts emerged, and with their fangs, claws and mystical powers, they proved an incredible threat to the humans. In order to protect the settlements, humans enlisted specialised hunters, tasked with tracking and killing the Beasts before too many of their kin perish.

Beast is a one-vs-many type of game, in which one player takes on the role of a Beast: a giant, godlike creature who wants to fend off the humans invading her domains. All other players take the role of hunters, who cooperate in an epic hunt to track and kill the Beast. Which side will you join?

 • One Versus Many - Will you play alone as a powerful Beast or join a team of hunters?

 • Hidden Movement - The Beast moves with a deck of secret direction cards. Hunters must try their utmost to locate the Beast!

 • Card Drafting - Tense decisions to choose between the cards you need, and the cards you don't want your enemies to have.