Business Wizards


General Enchantments Seeks Motivated Business Wizards! Do you love a challenge? Can you cast legendary spells on time and under budget? Are your illusionary projections actually illusions? Join a magically powered up team with flexible hours, and competitive treasure / experience share. Only highly proficient communicators and ace spellcasters need apply. Experience with Crystal Balls, PCs, and NPCs is a plus. So, grab your staff * and your staff ** - you’ve just been tasked with another project and the hourglass is already pouring sand. You are going to need to innovate, perpetrate, liquidate, and delegate your way to success using Spells, Magic Items, and possibly a Grimoire of Beast Practices or maybe a Demon. This isn’t your regular RPG of eldritch sorcerers. This is an RPG about powerful wizards stuck in mindless, mid-level corporate jobs. How exciting!