Chicken Dice Set


Unleash the charm of countryside adventures on your gaming table with the Chicken DnD Dice Set. This unique set is perfect for players who love whimsy and a touch of rustic charm in their role-playing games.

Charming Chicken Inclusions: Each die contains a miniature chicken inclusion, adding a delightful and quirky twist to your gaming sessions. These tiny chickens will bring a smile to your face with every roll.

Design and Color Scheme: The dice feature a clear resin with a gray base so the chicken inclusions to be the stars of the show. The numbering on each die is done in silver ink.

Complete RPG Set: The Chicken DnD Dice Set includes all the necessary dice for standard RPG gameplay: D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20, and a percentile die, making it suitable for a variety of games and players.

Perfect Gift for RPG Enthusiasts: This set is an ideal gift for friends or family members who enjoy role-playing games and have a fondness for unique, playful accessories.

Whether you're exploring fantasy landscapes or engaging in epic battles, the Chicken DnD Dice Set adds a lighthearted and joyful element to your gaming experience. Get ready to roll with a cluck and a chuckle!