D&D 5E: Anime 5E: Folstavia The Infinite Crossroads


Welcome to Folstavia: the official world setting for the Anime 5E fantasy role-playing game. Inside this 272-page, full-colour tome you'll find details about the history, culture, factions, folk, magic, and creatures of Folstavia's eight continents and wondrous extraplanar regions. In addition to its rich lore and setting details, the Infinite Crossroads contains a wealth of Anime 5E game material: 4 additional Attributes, 14 new player character Species, reimagined alternate versions of traditional Fifth Edition Species, 7 new character Classes, dozens of magical objects and vehicles, 18 original monsters, 9 neomorphs, and much more. Experience a new type of fantasy world with Folstavia: The Infinite Crossroads!