D&D 5E: Treasure Trove Deck: CR 17-20


This addition to the Game Master's Toolbox is designed to bring magical and non-magical items from 5th edition out of the Player's Handbook and DMG, and to put them into your hands! If you are looking to add some excitement and boost player engagement in your next campaign, we strongly urge you to consider adding the Treasure Deck CR 17-20 to your toolbox. This deck includes: Five decks in total (5 of 5), 52 card deck, Deck includes up to legendary-level wealth, gems, weapons, armor, and more. Each card has 4 outcomes determined by a d12 roll.

If you are a DM, or even a player, that wants to make the next campaign more interesting, we urge you to consider the Treasure Deck CR 17-20. This innovative deck, among other of our Nord Games expansion decks, is specially designed to optimize your experience while playing top role playing games. Experience it for yourself today!