Dark Souls: Character Expansion

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Danger is never far away in Lordran. The popular Characters Expansion features six brand new player characters to transform your Dark Souls™: The Board Game campaigns.

There’s the thief, quick-witted and agile, and the steadfast cleric, faithful and dutiful above all else.

The dexterous mercenary never shies from a fight, while the potent pyromancer and enigmatic sorcerer bring a range of powerful spells to bear in combat.

Finally, there’s the deprived, armed with naught but a club, wooden shield, and tattered loincloth. Only someone without sense would enter the fray so ill-equipped... or someone seeking a challenge.

The Characters Expansion also introduces 10 new armour sets for you to discover on your travels. Even the deprived won’t stay unclad for long.

Don the armour of some of Dark Souls’ most revered characters, with each set granting new abilities and stat bonuses. On your travels, collect the armour of such iconic warriors as the jolly Siegward of Catarina, the devious Knight Lautrec, and the resolute Havel the Rock.

Choose your character, seek out the most coveted suits of armour, and ready yourselves for the dangers that lie ahead!

Enhance your copy of Dark Souls™: The Board Game with the Characters Expansion, including 16 individual miniatures to represent the characters and armour sets.