Defiant Role Playing Game Core Rulebook


Defiant RPG is an urban fantasy game about the mighty, modern-day supernaturals who rebelled against their destiny and, instead of destroying the world, decided to protect it. By enforcing a demanding set of rules, the Defiant aristocracy empowers protective seals around their cities, making them the only safe havens in a world ravaged by the Apocalypse.

The Player Characters are the Defiant blue-bloods, leading the supernatural society of fallen angels, demons, ancient gods, and dragons. They are powerful rulers with their own Holdings (like clubs or luxurious mansions) and faithful subjects.

The rulebook contains:
Complete game rules that will let you play exciting games in the world of Defiant
A comprehensive description of the intriguing Defiant universe
Two robust chapters for the Game Master, focusing on preparing and running the game, with Basic and Advanced rules to choose from
Ready-to-play Province with dozens of NPCs, locations, and two Story Arcs
4 Origins available to play: Angels, Deava, Infernals, and Leviathans
20 Personal Themes for the Characters, with dozens of Traits to choose from, Theme Questions the Players can ask during the game, and special powers
9 Marital Themes with the rules on how to navigate the chosen marriage
9 Court Themes with multiple subjects to govern and problems to deal with
12 Great Houses the Characters may come from, with their own Creeds and Sacred Traditions
6 Holding Themes, enabling you to choose and customize your Character’s home
9 Flairs and 6 Achievements to make the game even more engaging!