Dori Dino


The dinos are waiting for their colorful dino eggs to hatch. Cozy and warm, the eggs lie safely in their nests. But Dori Dino loves to roll the glittering dino eggs around to create a colorful mix. Can the other players quickly roll the eggs back into their original nests before the dino babies hatch?

In Dori Dino, a different player each round will take a turn as Dori, rolling the eggs around and into the wrong nests. The rest of the players are the dino parents who try to roll the eggs into their matching colored nests. All players have a dino wand and can only move the eggs with its tip. The round ends as soon as all the eggs in the nests have disappeared. The eggs will be scored for where they landed. All eggs that the parent team was able to correctly match will hatch and bring points. After a final round in which everyone plays dino parents, the turbulent dino game ends.

Ages 5+
2-4 players
15-20 minute play time