Dark Souls Mini: Unkindled Heroes Pack 2

$26.95 $29.95

Add iconic DARK SOULS™ classes to your roleplaying games with Unkindled Heroes Pack 2!

Will you pick the potent Pyromancer, faithful Cleric, or furtive Thief? Perhaps the arcane Sorcerer or savage Mercenary are more to your liking. The Deprived is a strange one, but you sense a resolute will behind their dishevelled exterior...

Engage in jolly cooperation in your next roleplaying campaign with these six unique player characters, created for DARK SOULS™: The Roleplaying Game.

Inside this box is everything you need to add 6 Unkindled Heroes to your campaigns, including 6 highly detailed minis and a stat card for each. All miniatures from this range are 5e-compatible, and ready to add to any roleplaying campaign right from the box.

Do you dare step into the shoes of these brave adventurers?