By WizKids

Dungeons & Dragons: Onslaught: Many-Arrows 1 Expansion


Dungeons & Dragons Onslaught Many-Arrows expansion brings four new characters to your game, offering new, tactical advantages over each scenario. The specialist and support characters are an area-control and melee focused faction that can buff allies, debuff opponents, and add new tactical options. Utilize each character's individual abilities to battle opponents and foes, in order to conquer each scenario in a whole new way.

Diarmuid the Fairy Nature Cleric finds hidden foes scattered across the battlefield and heals the party. Sarzumina the Half-Elf Phantom Rogue poisons her foes and moves easily across treacherous terrain. Falenyn the Triton Abjuration Wizard protects companions with powerful wards and dispels magical effects. Thurkear the Wise is a Lizardfolk Archfey Warlock, who makes friendly characters invisible and uses magical spells to avoid attacks.

Ages 14+

4 Fully-detailed, Pre-painted Miniatures
4 Combat Dial Cards
8 Level Up Cards
Gameplay Tokens
Rules Sheet