Elestrals - Base Set Starter Deck - Ohmperial 1st Edition


The Ohmperial Starter Deck is a great foundation for Thunder Casters with only 99 Ohmperial Starter Decks containing a serialized Stellar Rare Ohmperial!

Thunder shakes the heavens and lightning splits the skies as an electrifying current strikes from the heights of Mount Olympus! Join forces with almighty Zeus and shocking allies such as Raiceros, Cygnetric and Boombatt to smite all who oppose you. Are you worthy to call upon the greatest of the gods and wield his Thunderbolt?

Each Starter Deck contains:
60 cards including 1 holographic Ohmperial
1 Thunder D20 spindown die
1 How-to-play guide
1 Cheat sheet