Elestrals - Base Set Starter Deck - Penterror 1st Edition


The Penterror Starter Deck is a great foundation for Wind Casters with only 99 Penterror Starter Decks containing a serialized Stellar Rare Penterror!

From howling gales and darkening skies, a tempest emerges! Soar into the heart of the storm on the triumphant wings of Exaltair, Twindra and Glydesdale and blow away your rivals with the Penterror Starter Deck! Who will throw caution to the wind and fly to new heights with Aeolus, ruler of the stratosphere?

Each Starter Deck contains:
60 cards including 1 holographic Penterror
1 Wind D20 spindown die
1 How-to-play guide
1 Cheat sheet