Elestrals - Base Set Starter Deck - Trifernal 1st Edition


The Trifernal Starter Deck is a great foundation for Fire Casters with only 99 Trifernal Starter Decks containing a serialized Stellar Rare Trifernal!

Kindle the flames of victory as you vanquick your foes in the heat of Volcanic Forge with the Trifernal Starter Deck! Scorch the battlefield with Eruption and a blazing cast of Elestrals including Volcaries, Blazerus and Flarachne! Do you have the courage to withstand the inferno and claim the Hammer of Hephaestus?

Each Starter Deck contains:
60 cards including 1 holographic Trifernal
1 Fire D20 spindown die
1 How-to-play guide
1 Cheat sheet