Feywild DnD Dice Set - Sharp Edge Dice for D&D


Chaos and wonder reigned in the Feywild.

The Feywild DnD Dice Set features clear, lavender-colored resin with holofoil inclusions and subtle sparkles. Reminiscent of their namesake, they are chaotic and magical. These polyhedral dice have sharp edges and are ideal for TTRPGs like Dungeons and Dragons or Pathfinder. Perfect for any fae related characters

Each set contains the 7 standard roleplaying dice - d4, d6, d8 d10, d10 in 10's, d12, and the classic d20.

- Clear, lavender-colored resin with holofoil inclusions, sparkles, and gold ink
- Sharp edges
- Slightly larger than "average"
- Ships from the USA
- Free returns if you're not satisfied!