Honey Bees and Flowers Sharp Edge Dice


Enter a realm where fantasy and nature converge with the enchanting Honey Bees and Flowers DnD Dice Set. Designed for the discerning role-playing game enthusiast, this set is not just a tool for gameplay but a piece of art that embodies the spirit of adventure and the elegance of the natural world.

Key Features:

Sharp-Edged Design: The dice feature sharp edges for that precision aesthetic look.

Vibrant Colors: The beautiful yellow dice are adorned with purple numbers for clarity and readability. The highest number on each die is highlighted in copper, making critical successes stand out.

Nature-Themed Motifs: Each die has printed flower and honey bee design, adding a unique nature-inspired aesthetic to the set.

Full RPG Dice Set: This complete set includes the standard array of RPG dice: D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20, and a percentile die, catering to various all your game play needs.