Giant Bouncy D20 - Rainbow Stripes


Size: 55mm 
Material: High-Quality Soft Silicone Rubber
Color: Rainbow Stripes With White Numbers

Elevate your gaming experience with our Giant Bouncy D20! This isn't your ordinary die. At a substantial 55mm size, it's about the size of a baseball and designed to make a statement at your gaming table. Crafted from premium soft silicone rubber, it's delightfully squishy and safe for all ages.

But here's the twist - it bounces! Yes, you read that right. Our die doubles as a bouncy ball, adding an extra layer of fun to your role-playing games, board games, or educational activities. The bouncy nature of the die ensures a truly random roll every time, bringing a new element of excitement to your dice games.

The die's large, clear numerals make it easy to read from across the table, ensuring a fair and enjoyable game for all players. Whether you're into Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, or any other RPG, this die is perfect for bringing a playful and unique touch to your gaming sessions.

It's also great for educators and parents looking for a fun, engaging way to teach probability, mathematics, or simply to encourage imaginative play. The soft, durable material makes it safe for children and worry-free for parents.

Ideal for:

  • Role-playing games
  • Educational activities
  • Board games
  • Collectors and enthusiasts
  • Unique gift for gamers

Get ready to roll, bounce, and bring your adventures to life with our Giant Bounce-able 20-Sided Die!

Order now and add a bouncy twist to your game night!

Not meant for pets!
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

I absolutely love the vibrant colors and texture of the dice itself!!!

Cameron G.

Super fun and really cute to have at the dnd table!

Liz S.

Bought this for my dog. She loves it.

Kiersten E.

It’s so much bigger than I thought it’d be! (That’s what she said).

Okay but actually, how does something with 20 sides and so many points bounce straight back at you??? It’s colorful and fun and amazing. Best purchase this month.

Jennifer L.

I LOVE my bouncy rainbow D20. I’m so glad I ordered it and everyone who plays with it asks where I got it and I tell them Riftgate!! Even people who don’t play TTRPGs love the texture and design.

This will probably be sent to people for Xmas this year. Love it!