Scapeshift Dice Set


Scapeshifting was a powerful art that only the most accomplished of mages could perform.

The Scapeshift DnD Dice set features transparent green and pink resins with opaque white swirls and gold foil flakes, creating a truly unique die each time. Of note, the highest number of each die is highlighted in gold for easy identification. These polyhedral dice have sharp edges and are ideal for TTRPGs or Dungeons and Dragons.

Each set contains the 7 standard roleplaying dice - d4, d6, d8 d10, d10 in 10's, d12, and the classic d20.

- Green and pink resin with opaque white swirls and foil inclusions
- White ink with the highest number on each die is highlighted in gold
- Sharp edges
- Slightly larger than "average"
- Ships from the USA
- Free returns if you're not satisfied!

Please note that with handmade dice there may be slight variations in appearance.