Shadows of Brimstone: Gates of Valhalla


In Gates of Valhalla, players take on the role of a group of Norse Vikings, exploring the icy crags and snowy forests of the Norse Lands filled with snarling beasts and mythological creatures emboldened by the power of the Dark Stone.

As a Team of Viking Heroes, you can play as the stalwart Jarl Chieftan, leading his clan from the front of the pack, the classic Raider, armed with shield and axe to pillage and plunder, the frenzied Berserker, unleashing his bloodthirsty age in a flurry of death, or the Huscarl honor guard, firing her Viking Bow before charging valiantly into the fray.

New Enemies include Trolls, beastly creatures that regenerate even the most grievous of wounds while hurling large stones and tearing at the Heroes with brutal claws, Gremians, a horde of mischievous little goblins that swarm the Heroes to slice and slash and claw and bite, Centurions, robotic soldiers armed with power swords and shields to fight off intruders, and the terrifying Frost Giant, a towering behemoth that smashes the Heroes with his tree trunk club before charging across the field of battle in a frothing frenzy!

This set also features brand new material for the Targa Plateau OtherWorld (first introduced in the City of the Ancients Core Set), an ancient alien city, frozen and abandoned for millennia save for the robotic constructs that awaken to defend the icy halls. The Heroes will explore a new region of Targa - The Library, with new Map Tiles, Encounters, Artifacts, World abilities, and Enemies to battle, letting you explore the frozen city for the first time, or expanding your existing collection.

Includes everything you need to play a group of Viking Heroes and explore the alien Library on the Plateau of Targa, or adventure in the Norse Lands on Earth. Includes 4 Viking Heroes, 12 Gremian miniatures, 6 Centurian miniatures, 3 large Troll miniatures, 1 Frost Giant XL miniature, 3 Viking Warrior Ally miniatures, and 3 Targa Librarian miniatures with bases; plus dice, map tiles, cards, rulebook and reference sheets.