By WizKids
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The Vampire Council is looking to hire a new City Planner to turn Transylvania, into the world’s newest tech haven! You and your rivals are competing to land the job. Create a diverse cityscape for vampire and animal life, provide plenty of bloodbanks for your citizens, secure contracts and bring aboard the best specialists in the industry. The race is on to present to the Vampire Council the best plan to turn Transylvania into SiliconVania!

In SiliconVania, players bid on building tiles and multi-use specialists that provide either one-time bonuses, or end-of-game scoring. Players take the building tiles they win, and place them in their 4x4 city grids, juggling different scoring opportunities, and collecting vampire and pet meeples that are looking for places to live!

Combining bidding, tile-laying, hand management, resource management and more, with smooth gameplay, Siliconvania is one you’ll want to keep playing for the rest of your endless, immortal lives!

2-5 players
Ages 14+
45-90 minute play time