By Asmodee

Tainted Grail: Red Death Expansion

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The advanced Red Death campaign provides a challenge for experienced groups of players, giving them a new, exciting story to play through, and new ways to advance their characters. Journey to Camlann, the ancient human capital, abandoned during the plague of the Red Death. Deal with new, exciting threats with unique rules, such as separate mini-encounters outlined on secret cards. Uncover the secrets of the Homelands, while making your way through locations dripping with mood and foul miasma. Arm yourself with new knowledge and find allies among two new races: the wild Picts and the mysterious Fomorians. Learn brand-new advanced skills, and find unique ancient items – but beware of the horrific Danse Macabre that trots up and down the city streets to the shrill sound of pipes, inviting you to join their eternal dance!

Ages 14+
1-4 Players
120-180 Minute Playtime