The Hybrid Bone-Effigy Crucible of the Urgent Chimera


Inside the caldera of an old volcano in the Narthex Range, a Chimera has made their lair...
From here they command the surrounding territory. Rumors abound of a certain magical apparatus hidden in the hills. Do your PCs have what it takes to uncover the truth?

The Hybrid Bone Effigy Crucible of the Urgent Chimera is an adventure for Old School Essentials for a bunch of 2nd-level PCs, some 3rd-level PCs, or a few 4th-level PCs - although they might not all come home...

Inside you will find:
  • Hooks To Pique The Interest Of Even The Most Jaded Adventurer
  • Area Encounters
  • Caldera Encounters
  • Detailed Monsters
  • Amazing Treasure And Magical Items
  • Stated For Ose