By Asmodee

Koki, Lupo, Burlon and Tonto are a bunch of old animals, they are all very rusty and tired after working their whole lives for very neglecting owners. They formed a band together, tow accomplish the dream that they couldn’t get close to during their working lives as farm animals. Lupo managed to book a venue in a small town, but the band is so rusty that Koki suggests to practice playing their instruments in a barn. The Rooster, being the older one, will lead and direct them. The Donkey, the Dog and the Cat will play following the Rooster directions until they have exercised enough to feel confident in front of a crowd!

Ages 14+
2 Players
20 Minute Playtime

2 Roosters Miniatures
4 Cats Miniatures
4 Dogs Miniatures
4 Donkeys Miniatures
1 Barn Game Board