Twilight Abyss - Frosted Shimmer Acrylic Dice Set


Descend into the enigmatic depths with the Twilight Abyss Dice Set! This mesmerizing collection features seven polyhedral dice, each adorned with a captivating blend of deep purples and dark blues, evoking the mysterious allure of twilight. The sleek, matte finish adds a touch of sophistication, making these dice a striking addition to any tabletop adventure.

Crafted for both beauty and precision, the Twilight Abyss Dice Set offers perfectly balanced rolls for a fair and thrilling gaming experience. Whether you're navigating dark dungeons, casting shadowy spells, or engaging in epic battles, these dice are your perfect companions, ready to unveil the secrets of the abyss.

These dice are made with lightweight plastic and have a metallic appearance, but are not metal. The colors shift in the light from purple to blue.