By Iello



In Unboxed, you and your friends take on the role of archeology interns under the direction of Dr. Ramos. At the dig site, the team has uncovered ten caches of ancient board games and they need your help to figure out how they were played. The centuries have not been kind to the rulebooks, so you’ll have to infer the rules based on each game’s symbology, components, and your own experience and intuition. Hopefully you’ve been attending board game night regularly...

Each of the ten dig-sites will grant you a specific set of components and a few questions to help guide your “research”.

Figure out how the components work together.

Once you’ve successfully recreated the rules, you’ll have a fully functional game!

Unboxed brings board game lovers and aspiring game designers a unique puzzle experience, which features a playful spin on the one-box mystery and many satisfying surprises! Dr. Ramos will be there to provide hints as you theorize and test your designs for all ten of the provided scenarios. So, what are you waiting for? Put your sleuthing skills to the test and get these ancient games UNBOXED!

24 A-Deck Cards
36 B-Deck Cards
3 C-Deck Cards
12 D-Deck Cards
16 E-Deck Cards
7 Reference Cards
32 Wooden Discs
1 Booklet