Vampire The Masquerade: Rivals: The Hunters & The Hunted


When the celebrations and dancing have ended for the night, the citizens of Rio de Janeiro wander home. But in the darkness and afterglow, danger lurks: Coteries of vampires seek their prey, while Hunter cells research and investigate the unknown.

Rivals is an expandable card game for 2-4 players based on the popular roleplaying game set in the World of Darkness. Each player controls a group of vampires or Hunters who seek to dominate their Rivals by attacking their foes, starting Conspiracies, advancing Agendas, and hunting mortals and monsters. Both Hunters and vampires can appear in the same game, so be ready for anything!

Ages 14+
2-4 players
3-70 minute playtime

4 Pre-Constructed Player Decks (49 cards each)
27 Card City Deck
10 Card Monster Deck
53 Card Crypt Pack
4 Player Aid Cards
161 Tokens
12 Card Storage Dividers